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What Is Palimony? Is There a Palimony Law in California?

Palimony is not a legal term, but it refers to monetary support between unmarried couples, similar to the term alimony used for married couples. In California, no one is entitled to receive financial support, but a couple can create a contract promising support. These contracts are known as palimony.

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If you are dealing with a financial support or property sharing matter with your partner, team up with an advocate who has experience handling legal concerns like yours. You have rights even if you were not married to your partner and our firm is here to help you uphold those rights!

How Does Palimony Work in California?

Do we have rights, even though we aren't married?

While some states consider couples living together and acting like husband and wife to be legally married, California does not. This does not mean that couples that live together do not have rights to fair financial support and division of property like other married couples. If a couple is comprised of "putative spouses" or a domestic partnership, they should have certain rights afforded to them. If the unwed couple pursues an agreement to treat assets as communal property, this is termed palimony.

What is recognized as a palimony contract in California?

There are several different types of contracts that are accepted as palimony in the state of California. One would be a written contract or an agreement signed by both parties in the relationship that lays out the guidelines if they were to separate. Second would be an oral agreement between the couple that discussed the guidelines of support and property sharing if separation occurred. Lastly, an implied contract is also considered an agreement by the courts wherein a person sacrifices their career to be in the relationship with their partner.

What factors can impact a palimony case?

Creating a cohabitation agreement should be done in writing so that your rights are protected. It is important to note that non-marital partners do indeed have the right to enforce agreements of support and property if they ever separate in the future.

The court may look into all of the following issues when determining a palimony case:

  • The amount of time that the couple lived together
  • If one person supported the other in the relationship
  • If both parties contributed to purchasing property in the relationship
  • If there was an expressed or implied agreement regarding property or support

Secure Skilled Representation for Your Case

In order to have palimony upheld in the state of California, you will need to prove that you lived with your partner for a certain amount of time and there was a promise uttered. Also, you will need to show that there was a contract or agreement that states the promise. Attorney Marc E. Mitzner is a certified family law specialist who has handled hundreds of cases and has the insight to provide you with the strongest case possible for your alimony claims.

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