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A child’s legal guardian is essentially the person responsible for all of their needs; this includes providing food, shelter, medical care, and education. The parents are legal guardians by default, but in some cases, they may be unwilling or unable to properly care for the child. If you are a relative or family friend, you may be able to petition for guardianship of a child if it is in their best interests.

Parents can also prepare for the unfortunate possibility of their death or incapacitation by naming a guardian in their will. Whether you’re trying to gain guardianship of a child, or simply want to appoint a legal guardian if something happens to you, Marc Mitzner can help. As a Newport Beach attorney, he has more than two decades of experience with family law and is one of a small number of California certified family law specialists.

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To Gain Guardianship of a Child

If you’re interested in putting a guardianship in place, you’ll want to start by retaining an experienced Newport Beach lawyer.

While every case is unique, the guardianship process generally follows these steps:

  • Your attorney will file the necessary guardianship paperwork with the court
  • A court investigator will then interview you, the child, and their parents (if available)
  • A judge will review the investigator’s recommendation, and may hold a hearing
  • The judge will either grant or deny guardianship based on the best interests of the child

Attorney Mitzner can guide you through the guardianship process. Contact his firm today for experienced counsel.

To Establish a Guardian If You’re Incapacitated

If you’re trying to name a guardian in the event that you are unable to care for your child, the process is fairly straightforward. In a quick meeting with your attorney, they can help you add this information to your will in a legally binding manner. Usually, the most difficult part about this process is deciding who should be named as the child’s guardian.

You should consider the following when considering a prospective guardian:

  • Their age—are they too young or too old?
  • Are they genuinely concerned for your child’s welfare?
  • Can they physically handle raising a child?
  • Can they afford to raise your child?
  • Do they share your religious or moral beliefs?

There are many more factors to consider when choosing a guardian. As a certified family law specialist, Attorney Mitzner can help you understand what you should look for in a guardian and can help you through the process of adding them to your will.

Trust Your Case to a Certified Family Law Specialist

In California, legal specialization refers to attorneys who have proven to have a high standard of ethics, experience, and understanding of their practice area. Less than 1% of active attorneys in California are certified specialists in family law, making Newport Beach Attorney Mitzner uniquely qualified to help you with your family law needs.

If you’re interested in pursuing or establishing a guardianship, call his Newport Beach family law firm today for your free case evaluation.