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Any instances of domestic violence should be taken seriously, and there are few cases more tragic than those involving the physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse of a child. Due to the impressionable nature of children and the psychological, emotional and physical damage that they can suffer from, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible.

Child abuse is not just physical!

It is a common misconception that acts of abuse will only be identified when they are physical in nature. In reality, there are many different types of abuse that can plague a child, including sexual abuse, emotional abuse and verbal abuse. Parents, legal guardians or caretakers are meant to responsibly cater to the needs of their children and when they abuse those needs or neglect them entirely then their actions could be classified as criminally abusive.

Child Sexual Abuse

One of the most common forms of abuse among children is sexual abuse. Also referred to as CSA (child sexual abuse), this form of abuse centers on the actions of one adult that are geared towards sexually stimulating themselves through the involvement of a young child or any adolescent under the legal age of 18.

From pressuring a child to engage in sexual intercourse to indecently exposing a child to an adult's genitals, to subjecting a child to pornography there are many forms of child sexual abuse. If your child was used in the production of a child pornography video or your child was forced to touch another adult's genitals or your child was molested you have every right to take legal action.

Verbal Abuse of Children

Another common form of abuse among children of all ages is that of verbal abuse. Unfortunately, this is also the most difficult form of abuse to define, as adults are often quite skilled at knowing when and where they can verbally attack a child without it being known to others. Ridiculing, torturing, degrading and name calling are most often used to bring down the morale of a child and these are all classified as forms of verbal abuse for which the guilty party should be criminally penalized.

Some behaviors will even be classified as psychologically abusive as well. For example, intentionally killing a child's pet, excessively making demands of a child that cannot reasonably be met or even routinely humiliating a child in public could cause psychological damage.

The Effects of Negligence

One of the easiest ways to abuse a child is through negligence. Defined, negligence represents the inactions of another person (usually through carelessness or inattentiveness) that serve to jeopardize the wellbeing of another. When children are involved, acts of negligence become considerably alarming, as children are the most common individuals to require attentive care in order for survival. When a child is not properly cared for by his / her parents, legal guardians or appointed caretakers the child may consequently suffer.

Children need to be constantly given food, water, attention and even love to develop into whole adults that are fully capable of functioning on their own. It is when these elemental factors of a child's development are not met that the child may suffer from developmental delays. Although less widely discuss and publicized, neglect is a form of abuse that is at large in today's society and it is one that should not continue to go unnoticed or be easily dismissed by those who are witnesses to it.

Need an attorney for a child abuse case in Newport Beach?

If you are suffering from spousal abuse or if you fear for the safety of your child due to the child custody terms that were initially laid out, you should not hesitate to retain legal counsel immediately. It may be necessary to take your children from the home and stay in a safer environment, and a lawyer can help protect your rights and pursue a temporary restraining order if needed. Cases involving domestic violence and the accompanying forms of abuse are extremely delicate and should not be taken lightly.

You deserve to receive knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance in cases of this nature, and a skilled Newport Beach attorney can help protect your family and ensure your rights and interests are upheld before the law. Call the firm as soon as possible!