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With so many children in the world needing a loving home, that would seem to be an easy task to accomplish - find the right adoptive baby for the right adoptive parents. Sometimes it can be, but sometimes the task can become confusing, disheartening and one filled with anxiety. One does not want to find a child and fall in love with it, only to have a custody battle later on because paperwork was not done properly. With the help of a skilled adoption attorney in Orange County, however, this upset may be avoided.

Our attorneys are determined and dedicated to helping you move through these steps that lead to adoption in the smoothest way possible. We know that your future and the future of your adoptive child should be safeguarded. As an experienced and accomplished Orange County child adoption attorney, Marc Mitzner can assure that you will receive an unbiased explanation of adoptive procedures and terms, and that he will work diligently to tailor a plan that meets your needs.

How Does Adoption Work In California?

Adoption laws in California control almost every aspect of the procedure, including who can adopt, what expenditures families can pay, and how the adoption is finalized. All adoptive parents need to complete a home research study, including criminal background (finger print) checks, before they will be approved to adopt in California.

Can An Adoption Be Done Without An Attorney?

If you choose not to work with an adoption law firm, you should first call a respectable adoption lawyer in California. adoption lawyers in California will review your rights, discuss any potential birth circumstances, and review the next actions required to continue the adoption process.

International Adoption vs. Domestic Adoption

It is wise to know the differences between these two options, and what they would mean to you. An Orange County adoption attorney can explain these options in depth, but here is a brief overview:


One area of comparison is cost. It might be surprising to learn that many international adoptions often cost more than domestic adoptions. It is common for an international adoption agency or individual to require you and your spouse visit the home country - not once- but 3 or 4 times. There is the cost of airfare, food, and lodging for what can turn out to be a lengthy stay. (Individuals looking to adopt in many countries are mandated to stay in the country 3-4 weeks in order to be eligible).

Plus, there are miscellaneous expenses (time away from work, etc.) that needs to be factored. It is also not unusual, to arrive in a country - ready to adopt -when at the last minute someone connected with the transaction declares that what is needed now is "a little more money". The distraught parents-to-be are then faced with the prospect of either emptying out their savings or returning home, heartbroken, without their promised child.


Other comparative factors may be training and classes. Here in the United States, every state requires prospective adoptive parents be involved in Home Study Process. This is a series of classes, interviews, home visits, health and financial reports given -which culminate in a report by a social worker who approves or disapproves the request to adopt. There is no standard format, but that is the basic outline-yet it is reasonably accessible to most every community. Here again in foreign adoption, the adopting country may require much more or even studies in the country itself. These required educational classes and reports may not be as accessible or year round.


And thirdly, depending on your desire to adopt a newborn child, it can be quite difficult if not impossible because the process of international adoption usually takes 3-4 months. As compared to a domestic adoption, where the birth mother is often in the same community- thus speeding the process-it is ill-advised to guide anyone who wishes to adopt a newborn child only a few days or hours old, internationally.

Legal Support During Adoption

Whether you are looking to adopt domestically or internationally, whether you would like to adopt a girl or a boy, whether you would like to adopt a child at risk or a newborn, these and many other questions need to be clarified with the help of a qualified adoption lawyer serving Orange County, CA.

Attorney Marc E. Mitzner knows the ever-changing adoption laws and can lead you through the process. He is dedicated to helping you find solutions throughout the legal steps that are necessary and vital in an adoption case so call our Orange County lawyer as soon as possible!