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How Can a Forensic Accountant Help In Your Divorce?

Wealthier couples and those with more complex financial portfolios face unique challenges in a divorce, specifically regarding property division. While an Orange County divorce attorney such as Marc E. Mitzner is invaluable in this process, you may also benefit from the services of a forensic accountant.

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The Complex Challenges of High Net Worth Divorces

Property division for wealthy couples tends to be more complicated for two main reasons – the large amount of assets they have, as well as the challenge in properly valuating some of these assets. While some assets like bank accounts or retirement accounts are simple to assign a value to, others like business interests and intellectual property can be much tougher.

Regrettably, individuals will sometimes use dirty tricks in an attempt to hide their true income, or assets they don’t want divided. Forensic accounting is a powerful tool to help you ensure a fair division of marital property.

What is a Forensic Accountant?

Forensic accountants are basically a cross between an accountant and a C.S.I. investigator. They use their extensive accounting knowledge to investigate a portfolio, looking for red flags such as missing information. Sometimes forensic accountants simply find innocent mistakes – in other cases, they uncover evidence of shady activity by the other spouse.

Forensic accountants can also play an important role in valuating complex assets, which is actually a critical component of their investigations. Regardless of whether or not your soon-to-be-ex is engaging in wrongful actions, a forensic accountant can help ensure a fair division of marital property.

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