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7 Grounds For an Annulment in California

Let's start by briefly reviewing what an annulment actually is since there are countless misunderstandings about this process. An annulment is similar to divorce in that it changes your marital status. It is different, however, because it is declaring that a marriage is actually not a valid marriage at all due to certain factors. A divorce, on the other hand, is ending a valid marriage.

The grounds to get an annulment in California include:

  1. You were coerced or forced into getting married.
  2. You or your spouse were of 'unsound mind' when you entered the marriage.
  3. You were not 18 years old when you entered the marriage.
  4. You and your spouse are blood related.
  5. You or your spouse have an 'incurable physical incapacity.'
  6. You or your spouse committed fraud in order to receive the consent to marriage of the other spouse.
  7. You or your spouse were already married when entering this marriage.

Examples of 'unsound mind' to help you understand, would be any instance where your mental condition prevents you from understanding the nature of marriage, such as severe intoxication. When mentioning an 'insurable physical incapacity' this is referring to an inability to perform sexual relations, such as male impotence.

When pursuing an annulment, you will have to show the proof of one of the reasons above. If you are successful, the judge will grant your annulment. We can help you in this process. We have experience and knowledge about divorce and annulment laws in California and we can help you gather the evidence you need.

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