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What Is The Process Of Divorce Mediation in CA?

Meditation is one effective way of going through your divorce. Choosing to handle your divorce matters in mediation can save you and your spouse time and money. Another benefit to this method is you are able to openly discuss your needs and work towards getting the settlement and results that you need and want. This is often much more effective than putting the divorce matters in the hands of the court and allowing a judge to make your divorce orders.

The process of divorce mediation has a few steps, including:

  1. Meeting with your spouse and a mediator (along with your attorney) to discuss your needs and wants
  2. Creating a settlement that is agreeable between you and your souse
  3. The mediator will write the settlement into a written agreement
  4. You and your spouse will review the agreement to make sure all matters are correct
  5. The agreement will be processed through the court

If possible, this type of collaborative divorce is ideal. You may be able to avoid the courtroom altogether. A key thing to note is that you should not go through this process alone, you need an experienced legal advocate by your side. Attorney Mitzner at The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner has almost 20 years of experience handling divorce cases. He always makes sure that his clients' rights are protected and he fights for their needs and wants in the divorce. If you are attempting to resolve your divorce matters through mediation, it is advised that you team up with a divorce attorney. Attorney Mitzner is a divorce and family law attorney in Orange County and he can help. Contact the firm today to set up your free case evaluation and see how the team can help in your divorce mediation.