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What if I Don't Like the Orders the Judge Made?

All too often, people make the mistake of not following court orders just because they do not like them. It is imperative that you always follow the orders of the court or else you may receive consequences. If you do not like the court order or are unable to follow it, you can try to have the order modified. The biggest mistake would be to violate the terms, contact The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner if you need help pursuing a court order modification. In order to be granted a modification, you must be unable to meet the terms of the original agreement. Some of the reasons that a modification may be granted to a parent, include:

  • The loss of a job
  • A move due to your job
  • A disease
  • Substance abuse
  • Serious injury that affects your ability to work

In order to pursue a modification, you will need to go through the court and it is advisable to team up with a family law and divorce attorney for help. If your former partner is willing to work to reach a new agreement, the process may be easier. Unfortunately, if your former partner is not willing to cooperate, you may need to fully prove your need for a modification and the judge may intervene if necessary. There are other scenarios where the needs of the children have changed and a modification may be necessary. For example, if there is proof of abuse from one parent or if another parent needs increased visitation time, the court may make adjustments accordingly. The court will always take into consideration the best interests of the child, so if you are able to show that their interests have changed, a modification may be granted. Post-divorce and court order modifications can be complicated, seek help from a skilled family law attorney in Orange County.

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