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Details of Visitation Orders in CA

In the state of California, when the custody of children must be resolved in a divorce, the courts make decisions based upon what is believed to be in the child's best interests. Courts throughout Orange County and the rest of the state of California make decisions based upon what is considered to be in child's best interests – based upon the importance of spending time with each parent. When a separation or divorce will impact a parent's access to the children, it is necessary to make decisions regarding custody and visitation.

In cases where it is determined that joint physical custody is impractical or unworkable, sole custody will be awarded to one parent. Awarding sole custody to one parent does not mean that both parents cannot share joint legal custody of the child, it simply means the child will reside with one parent primarily. The parent who does not have physical custody of the child will be given visitation rights. The court will require that a visitation and parenting plan is established to ensure there is no confusion as to specific visitation days, pick-up times, drop-off times, holiday schedules and other issues. If you have not come to this agreement outside of court, a specific formula will be applied regarding visitation. There are situations in which supervised visitation may be required and that will be established as part of the visitation order. On rare occasions, visitation rights may be completely denied or revoked if the court feels contact with a particular parent would put the child's safety and welfare at risk.

If you have questions about your legal right to visitation or you need representation to help defend and protect your parental rights, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Lawyer Marc E. Mitzner has been practicing divorce and family law in the Orange County area for close to two decades. He has an extensive knowledge of state law related to child custody, including those involving a parent's right to visitation. When you contact the firm, he will take the time to review your current custody arrangements and situation, advise you of the legal action that can be taken to protect your right to access to your children, and take action to get this critical issue under control and resolved.