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What can I do if my ex-spouse is not following the court's orders?

Both parties involved in a court order are required to follow the regulations specified within the order. As a participant in the order, you are protected if the other party violates or does not follow the orders of the court. There are several methods of relief that you can pursue. For help determining how you should approach the matter, team up with a family law attorney in Orange County who has experience dealing with issues of enforcing orders. Some of your options include:

  1. Filing a request to modify your existing court orders
  2. Filing a request to modify your court orders and admonish the other parent for their failure to follow the plan in the orders
  3. Filing a contempt action

Contempt actions can be brought about with financial issues, restraining order issues, custody issues or some type of domestic violence issue. This type of action may not always be the solution because it has proven to be time consuming and does not always provide the relief that you need. At The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner, the legal team has seen many cases where an ex-spouse is not paying the ordered child support or violates the ordered visitation schedule. You are protected from these types of actions and Attorney Mitzner can help you. You can find relief from financial issues such as not receiving child support by pursuing wage garnishment, tax refund interception, property seizure plus more. The most ideal plan of action is hiring an attorney to handle the case for you. Having experience on your side can have a significant impact on the results of the case, contact the firm for help. To discuss the options for your case, schedule your free case evaluation with the firm today.