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Modification of Orders

At the end of divorce and child custody cases in Orange County, the court will issue orders regarding the conditions which must be met by each party in the divorce. While the orders may be directly in line with your personal and financial circumstances at the time, a significant change may make it impossible to comply. It is not surprising that as time goes by, you may have a need to seek modification of the court order regarding child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation and other similar issues. You may have lost your job and do not have the same income you had at the time the original order was issued. Perhaps you have been able to establish a permanent residence and lifestyle that would allow you to continue to maintain joint custody of your children, rather than visitation rights. It could be that your former spouse has been has gained a high paying job that would make spousal support unnecessary, or another child has been born, cutting into your ability to pay the court ordered support. If you feel you have a reason that justifies a modification of orders, you need to contact Attorney Marc E. Mitzner.

Attorney Marc Mitzner is an Orange County divorce attorney with close to 20 years of experience representing clients in all different types of divorce and family law cases. He is a powerful advocate for the rights of those who must modify an existing order, and will assist you to pursue a modification that matches your current situation. When circumstances change and you are no longer able to comply with a court order, it is imperative that you get approval from the court, or you could face legal action and heavy consequences in enforcement of that order. To discuss your case and how to get a modification of a court order, contact his firm at once.