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Different Restraining Order Options in Orange County

If you are in need of a protective order against an abusive or dangerous spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, or another dangerous person, then the Superior Court of California in the County of Orange has many different options for you. If you are in immediate danger and are looking for an order that will give you prompt protection, then you should look into the option of an emergency protective order. This sort of order protects victims of abuse, serious harassment, and stalking and is available 24 hours a day from the police.

If your situation is not an emergency and you don't qualify for this type of order, then you may be able to obtain a traditional domestic violence restraining order. This is an order that can protect individuals from dangerous and threatening family members, partners, or other acquaintances. While most restraining orders are taken out against ex-spouses or partners, there are also times that a parent may need to get a restraining order against an adult child or a child may want a restraining order against a parent that has been insistent and inconsiderate.

In some cases, a civil harassment restraining order may be issued. This normally happens when the person that you are being harmed by is not a family member or a party that has been in a dating relationship. Most likely, your domestic violence situation will result in the request for a domestic violence restraining order from an Orange County court.

It is often helpful to have an Orange County family lawyer there to assist you as you advocate for this restraining order as it can expedite the process and keep you from making mistakes in the legal process.If you are in need of a restraining order that will ban your ex-partner or family member from approaching you, coming to your residency, stalking you, or contacting you in any way, then an Orange County family lawyer at The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner can help. Discuss your case with an attorney at the firm today for more information!