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Why Choose Marc E. Mitzner?

Are you considering filing for a divorce in Orange County? One of the most difficult decisions a couple will have to make is whether or not they should end their marriage. No-one knows what the future might bring and it is impossible to prepare for what life may throw at you. However, what many people fail to realize is that the decision to file for a divorce is merely the first of many. Once the couple decides that it is time to part ways, they will then have to come to an agreement regarding asset division, debt and tax division, and spousal support. If there were any children involved in the marriage, the situation will become even more difficult as the couple works through issues such as child custody and support, visitation, and parental alienation, and relocation.

Due to the complexity, as well as importance, of these decisions, it is highly recommended that you retain professional representation. By having someone on your side who understands every aspect of the law, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that everything is being done to protect your best interests and those of your family. For the past 15 years, Attorney Marc E. Mitzner has been helping couples and families throughout Orange County, California. Due to the fact that his law firm is devoted entirely to family law and divorce, you will receive 100% of their resources and attention should you choose to work with their team.

Marc E. Mitzner understands that issues involving family and children deserve attentive care. He handles every case which passes through his office and will not pass you off to a legal assistant or paralegal. With over one thousand cases of experience, you will be able to avail of his vast experience in this area. He is a member of the Orange County Bar Association and the American Bar Association and has represented clients in the Central District Court of California. You owe it to yourself and your family to have an attorney on your side known for their skill, work ethic, and commitment. Call today to schedule your consultation.