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Why Hire a Newport Beach Divorce Lawyer

The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner Can Help

Unfortunately, the time a couple spends in court to get a divorce can be an experience that is emotionally stressful and traumatic. While there are many who agree that the procedures should change and the system should be improved, unfortunately it is the system we have for the now. Therefore, it is most important to have someone that can assist you in a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable way. Someone who will be your legal representative and can buffer the knocks that are sure to come in the process and fight to protect what is important to you!

Attorney Marc E. Mitzner has devoted his professional life to the practice of divorce and family law. He is committed to helping you make a difficult situation as smooth as possible all the while standing strong as your personal legal representative. His years of practice and dedication have earned him high regard among his clients, fellow attorneys, and members of the Orange County courts.

What to Look for in a Newport Beach Divorce Attorney

Free Initial Consultation

Some lawyers offer initial free consultations. This is an excellent way to meet with an attorney and determine how that attorney sees your case and if you would work well together.

Find Out the Answer to the Following Questions

What are their fees? What costs will you be expected to pay, such as, copying, faxes and postage? How often will they be in contact with you? Where is your lawyer licensed to practice law? How quickly does he or she return phone calls? If the attorney is unavailable, is there someone else who can handle emergencies or urgent questions? You may have other questions and a free consultation is the time to ask.

Look Around the Office When You Are There

Is there a receptionist or office manager? What is this person's demeanor like- are they pleasant and personable? Does the office seem organized or chaotic and disorganized?

Ask the Attorney How Many Divorce Cases They Have Handled

For instance, if there are any major areas of child custody or a large amount of assets to be divided or your case is likely to be a divorce that will be heavily contested; are they experienced in those types of cases? It is also important to know how well the attorney knows the judges in the Court where your case will be filed and how long he or she has practiced in that geographical area.

Request References and Seek Out Their History of Practice

If you were referred by a friend or relative someone you know or trust that may be enough. However, if you do not have that referral, it is perfectly acceptable and responsible to ask for the names of past or current clients, who with their permission, may be contacted as a reference. Another way to find out more about the attorney is to call or go online to the state Supreme Court in order to find out if it there have been any disciplinary actions against the specific attorney.