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Spousal support or spousal maintenance, also known as "alimony", consists of a court order to one of the spouses that requires them to assist the other financially, after the dissolution of the marriage. This financial assistance can be of extended or temporary duration.

If the marriage has lasted more than ten years the court will generally consider an extended support petition, but if it is less than that, usually support will be provided for half of the term of the marriage. In other words, if a couple were married 6 years the spousal support would continue for 3 years.

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Determining Factors in Spousal Support

Some basic factors involved are the length of the marriage and the gross or net income of each spouse.

Other factors the courts will take into account in their decision may include the following:

  • Is one spouse the primary caretaker of dependent or disabled adult children?
  • Does a spouse have a court ordered support obligation that is pre-existing?
  • Does a spouse have court ordered debt obligations -particularly those regarding medical expenses?
  • Does a spouse have unusual needs?
  • What is the age or health of each spouse?
  • Did a spouse gave up a career, or career opportunities and / or otherwise supported the career of the other spouse?
  • Did one spouse receive a disproportionate share of the marital assets?
  • Are there unusual tax consequences?
  • Are there other circumstances that may make application of these considerations inequitable?
  • Did the parties agree otherwise (i.e. prenuptial agreement)?
  • What was the standard of living during the marriage?

Only after a careful review of these, and any other factors which might be pertinent in your particular case, can an equitable spousal support settlement be reached.

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