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Resolving High Net Worth Divorces

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High net worth divorce cases involve a large amount of assets, properties, and investments. These types of cases are often highly contested and involve many complexities in regards to support and property division. With so much at stake, retaining legal representation is crucial in these divorces.

Due to the unique demands brought forth in a high net worth divorce, we urge you to contact our certified family law specialist for counsel backed by one thousand successful cases. Mr. Mitznerof Newport Beach divorce attorneys can effectively review your case and provide much needed counsel and insight as you move through the dissolution of your marriage.

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Handling Complex Asset Division

In most divorces, the distribution of property is a top contentious issue. Many spouses struggle to agree on who should get what, or even how much each spouse should receive. When one spouse is the primary earner for the family, matters can become even more complicated and difficult. Issues of alimony, or spousal support, are also common.

You may have to divide the following with your spouse:

  • Family businesses or investments
  • Personal trusts
  • Bank accounts
  • Real estate property
  • Stock options
  • Pensions
  • Family heirlooms
  • All other possessions

What Is the Role of Community Property?

In California, all community property, or that obtained during and within the marriage, must be split equally between spouses. While that does not mean and equal share of each bank account or pension, it means that each spouse must walk away with an equal value of assets.

Remember, assets or property obtained outside of the marriage will not be subject to this division, as they are considered separate. Examples of this may include gifts, inheritances, or profits gained once a couple was official separated or had filed for divorce.

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