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Child Support Modifications

Orange County Attorney for Modifications

Marc E. Mitzner is an Orange County child support attorney experienced in assisting all those looking to make modifications to their child support decrees. As an attorney who has devoted his law practice to the area of divorce and family law for over 25+ years, he has the knowledge and dedication in that specific area of family and divorce law which enables him to have a unique overview of any modifications petition.

Gratefully, the law and Courts recognize that circumstances change and that people and situations change. Therefore, if you find yourself bound by a child support ruling that is now not appropriate for you or your ex-spouse or your children, there is something that can be done about it. Don't listen to your friends or family who may tell you it is something you have to "live with." The Courts are willing to look at the issue with an objective eye and look to make a modification if there worthy grounds.

A key factor in any modification petition however is that of just cause. That is why it is advisable to have a modifications attorney on your side who will know how to best present your newly found circumstances before the Court. The Courts are backed up and do not look kindly on frivolous use of the Courts time. Get the strong and knowledgeable legal representation you will need.

There are a number of other areas where modifications may be requested, as well as for child support, with which we may also be able to help:

In this particular economy it is recognized that individual's financial situations have either declined or become unstable. Many persons are dealing with this in the best ways possible, yet it is unfair to require a parent to suffer at the expense of his children. We are not condoning non-payment of support, but only that is should be a just and fair amount. We are experienced in helping our clients seek and obtain modifications to their child support decrees.

Attorney Marc E. Mitzner offers a free consultation to assess your particular situation. Contact us online or at (949) 910-0437. Don't delay. Take action for a just and fair modification with an experienced modifications attorney!