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Getting Child Support

When you believe your child is entitled to child support but the other parent of your child is not in agreement either with the amount to be paid or the whole issue of child support, Orange County attorney Marc E. Mitzner may be able to help in acquiring those funds. Mr. Mitzner has dealt with a wide variety of child support cases over his many years in practice of divorce and family law. Whether you are seeking a support order that is interim, temporary, permanent or modified in a divorce, paternity, child custody action or separate child support - as your legal representative, you can be confident he will work aggressively to obtain the full financial support which your child deserves.

If you already have a child support order we can assist you in having the Court enforce that order. If you already have a Court file and are in the middle of proceedings, we can help. Or if you have not filed a claim as of yet, we can assist you in the process.

What is the Process of Filing for Child Support?

The Court process may begin with a summons and complaint filed with the Court to obtain a child support order. That summons and complaint and a blank answer form are delivered to the parent being asked to pay the support. That person has 30 days in which to respond and answer the form. If that person does not reply in those 30 days the Court has the right to set the fee that the person should pay. If the Court does not have financial information regarding that parent's income under California law the Court must set the amount of child support based on presumed income. Presumed income is based on 40 hours per week at the amount of the current minimum wage.

Child support is determined in Orange County by established guidelines outlined in California law and is based on many factors, including the ability of each of the parents to provide for the children. The law looks upon both parents to be held responsible for the welfare of the children, and requires both completing an Income and Expense Declaration and providing proof income. The Court will also consider income from all sources, taxable or not. The income can be in the form of property, services or money. Social Security payments and Welfare are not considered income.

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