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It should be noted that the best way to arrange a visitation schedule is for the two parents to sit down calmly with each other - and with the best interests of the child in mind - work out a schedule that is fair and equitable. Present it to the judge, who will usually approve it and it will become legally binding. If one can do so, in this manner, the schedule should represent the best scenario possible. After all, no judge can know and understand your family's needs more than you.

The process of going through a divorce can be particularly difficult, especially given the fact that no one is perfect and everyone is prone to making mistakes. And even well-meaning parents who are getting along fine through the dissolution phase of their marriage can make mistakes in setting out "the rules" of visitation-which in turn can start to create a friction. First and foremost, it should be written and agreed upon - in detail - as much as possible. Leaving parts of the agreement "open "or "general," are usually the beginnings of misunderstandings and upsets.

Holidays and Visitation

Another area, where otherwise amicable parents can find visitations schedules increasingly difficult, is holidays. The beginning and the end of the holiday needs to be defined in your agreement. This is an area that can create a great deal of grief and conflict if not understood and laid out properly in the language of the visitation.

Another aspect of holiday visitation encompasses transportation. Especially for those parents who live States apart. The agreement must address air travel and other transportation. Who is responsible for the airfare? Who may pick the children up, who may drop them off? The more detailed and clear the better for all concerned.

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These are just a few suggestions on how to diffuse potential conflicts in a visitation agreement. What is needed in this situation is to engage a bright and knowledgeable Newport Beach family attorney who knows visitation law and family law has had experience helping other families. With a caring and concerned Newport Beach family lawyer by your side, huge mistakes in setting out visitation schedules may be avoided.

It is worth the effort to hire a professional to avoid the pitfalls. Otherwise, the visitation "annoyances" can escalate tensions or create conflicts that were not there before. With the most dramatic situation being, some instances where the parental conflict is so high, parents are ordered to go to the police station every time there is an exchange of the child from parent to parent. Contact The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner as soon as possible and see how we can help!

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